A few tennis links

Tennis Elbow Resources:

Tennis Elbow Treatment and Prevention Very good site, with illustrated exercises for building the right strength.

Getting to Grips with Tennis Elbow Difficult reading if you are not a physician.

MySportsGuru Tennis Elbow Page Symptoms and treatment, a succinct summary.

Ice Down Don Hightower highly recommends this chilling elbow wrap immediately after play.

Web Nodes:

TennisONE Acknowledged as the leading source on the web for tennis. An outstanding site for tennis instruction, with video clips of classic strokes: John McEnroe’s serve | Pete Sampras' serve | Lew Hoad’s serve | Bill Tilden’s serve and Ellsworth Vines' serve | Little Bill Johnston’s Western forehand | Andre Agassi’s forehand | Steffi Graf’s forehand | Martina Hingis' forehand | Don Budge’s backhand | Andre Agassi’s backhand | Ken Rosewall’s backhand

Vic Braden Online Vic for years has been a leading authority on tennis technique and research.

Mining Co. Tennis Guide Jeff Cooper’s comprehensive site, very well done.

Absolute Authority on Tennis Richard Benvin’s collection of authoritative information sources, with rated and annotated links. A goldmine of information.

Tennis Planet Pictures and info for the tennis fan, including links to sites dedicated to the idols of the game.

Tennis Server Comprehensive site.

tennistwist.com South Florida news for the recreational tennis player.

Tennis Links Page Magazines and Associations:

Tennis Industry Magazine

US Professional Tennis Association

US Racquet Stringers Association wpe2.gif The authoritative source for technical information on racquets and strings. The excellent monthly magazine, Racquet Tech, and the numerous free samples you get by being a member, are well worth the nominal dues. The website has a customizing feature, for members only.

US Tennis Association

International Tennis Federation The rulemakers for balls, racquets, and play.

Interesting Info:

Tennis Aerodynamics Study High speed video research on how much spin the top pros put on their shots. Also, what the ball speed is after the bounce — some surprising results, based on digital camera studies of Pete Sampras and other players.

Advanced Tennis Research Project John Yandell’s site, with some fascinating discoveries based on his high speed digital camera studies of pro strokes.

Tennis Warehouse Discussion board The best site for intelligent discussion and expert playtest reports. Relatively troll-free. Expertly moderated by Don Hightower.

Don Hightower’s Customizing Guide Step by step, illustrated guide to experimenting with the weight and balance of your racquet.

Pete Sampras’ Serve A good model to emulate: smooth motion, good disguise, heavy spin, no injury problems. Note particularly how his shoulders are in line with his arm at contact, and the elbow stays stationary as the racquet comes through. Thanks to John Yandell for this great presentation.

Sports Technology Hotlist

Official Rules of the ATP Tour regarding balls and racquets

Tennis Warehouse Big selection of whatever you need, good prices, quick delivery.

Tennis Company Help Desk Contact information for manufacturers.

What the Pros Really Use From Jay’s Stringing, the real specs of the customized racquets.

Etc., Etc.

Tennis Video Collectors 3000+ matches (!)

Tennis Antiques Ancient racquets and memorabilia.

Racquet Collector Remember how good you used to be with your old woodie? Here’s where you can get one, also tennis books.

Tennis Troubleshooting From MySportsGuru, an interesting site.

San Francisco Examiner feature article (9-9-98) on this site Text of Article Playtest of tailweighted racquet, by the Examiner reporter

15 Ancient Greek Heroes from Plutarch’s Lives By the author of this site. Plutarch is the top Western classic, still inspirational after 19 centuries. Tennis players in particular should find these biographies interesting. This is a modern English hypertext version, abridged and annotated for easy reading. Clicking on words in the text displays their definitions instantly in a separate frame. If you want to improve your SAT verbal score, or if you are a foreign student seeking to polish your business English, this shows how to use 1065 words and phrases as you study the history of Ancient Greece.