Rankings: Dexterity

The best (lowest rank number) are the easiest to wield for weak players. Expert players, please note that many of the most efficient and safest racquets get low rankings on Dexterity because of their high weight and swingweight, so for you Dexterity should be disregarded. The macro criterion of Dexterity comprises Moment, Swingweight, and 0.5 * Weight. The rankings under these were compiled, summed, and sorted to produce rankings under the macro criterion of Dexterity. This is a measure of how light and agile the feeling of the racquet is, before contact with the ball. Because "pick up appeal" is the top criterion for most racquet sales to ignorant players (always a heavy majority), and many players do not have the physical conditioning to manage the heavier racquets, this macro criterion is included. In fact, the racquets ranked best for Dexterity tend to rank worst for safety in top-echelon play.